Club & Spa Consultancy

We recognise that the development of a health club and day spa can be a little daunting to Hotel operators. It is very easy to get the design wrong and end up with a facility that drains rather than enhances the Hotel’s profitability.

With our operational knowledge of running almost 30 facilities we believe we bring a very practical approach to our advice that is backed up by had statistics and demonstrable proof.

We can take you from initial concept through to operation and our services include:

Site Analysis

We will meet with the client and, where appropriate, visit the site to discuss the health club or spa development with particular reference to the vision, budgets and the expectations of the client for the wider business benefits the provision of the spa or health club development.

Market Investigation

We provide a thorough survey of the locality based on 15 minute drive-times for health clubs and 60 minute drivetimes for spas. The population demographic within the catchment area can be compared with the typical profile of an existing "Mosaic" operated clubs. The market investigation is a valuable tool in assessing the level of demand for membership and day guests at the club, the required penetration of the market and the likely level of tariff that the club could command. A thorough analysis would be undertaken of all facilities that would intersect with the catchment area for proposed facility. The analysis would include price comparison, service standards offered, facility standards, membership demand and quality of staffing.

Concept Plans

We provide a detailed concept plan for the proposed facility. An operational concept would be formulated together with a staffing needs analysis and personnel specification. A membership structure and sample treatment menu would be proposed together with a tariff that would be appropriate for the client profile and the facilities proposed.

Proforma Financial Projections

A P&L forecast would be provided based on the research conducted. The P&L would be fully detailed based on the first three years of operation starting from initial launch. In addition basic projections would be made based upon ten years of operation.


We would develop and implement a detailed recruitment plan for all positions within the proposed facility. This would include all stages of the recruitment process and the outcome would be a team of therapists and managers as per the proposed staffing structure. A detailed training programme would be provided for all staff including:

  • The brand
  • The development of a winning culture
  • Customer service
  • Sales both 'needs analysis' driven process training or retail specific training
  • Operational training
  • Treatment delivery training for therapists


A detailed Operational Manual will be provided for all aspects of the club business. This would be built around the development of the “customer journey” as they enjoy the spa experience in the planned facility. Mosaic will provide a Club Standard Operations Manual, Emergency Action Plan to be implemented from launch.

A spa bookings and management system would be sourced and installed together with all the relevant processes and training that it will require. Included within this system will be a reporting system for the performance of the spa including the development of key performance indicators.


We have a creative design team which can provide the following services:

  • Preparation of the brand template which forms the basis of 'the brand'
  • Design and artwork for all collateral
  • Design and production of the Treatment and Services Guide and brochure including all artwork and copywriting, direction of photographic work etc.
  • Creation of website to maximise business creation through the use of pay per click and search engine optimisation
  • Production of launch marketing plan to pre-sell the club before opening. This would include creating an enquiry database, copywriting all press articles, mailshots, press releases and delivering all launch promotions.


We can deliver an implementation team over the six week build up to opening of the facility. This impact team would be on-site to provide the following services to ensure the smooth opening of the new site.

PR and Marketing Programme

Devise and implement a co-ordinated approach to creating local awareness of the new facility. The emphasis would be on generating enquiries and leads to create a database of potential customers. The programme would include liaison with local, high quality media partners and a series of opening events by invitation only to identified influencers and community leaders.

On-site Set Up

Our team would ensure all the finishing touches were made to meet the opening deadlines. They would be responsible for the installation of all “soft” items such as operational procedures, management manuals as well as ensuring the rooms are prepared and laid out to the appropriate standard. The team would also ensure the timely installation of the computer systems and products.

Site Testing

We co-ordinate the staff teams to go through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that they are prepared for opening and fully trained in all operational issues. This process would include a series of “dry runs” with invited guests to ensure the robustness of all systems deployed.


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