Published: 24 October 2017

Mosaic's Visit To BABOR’s Headquarters

Earlier this month, 12 of Mosaic’s Spa Managers and Senior Team headed off to Aachen in Germany, the home of BABOR, our leading spa product house partner.

Aachen is a spa city near Germany’s borders with Belgium and the Netherlands and it was chosen to be the worldwide headquarters of BABOR partly because it is the home of “kaiserwasser”. This is hot water with a high level of sulphur which rises up in the city centre through a series of natural springs. The water is renowned for its healing powers and is used in the manufacturing of some BABOR spa products.

The purpose of the visit was to learn more about BABOR’s products and how they are manufactured. The team were out in Aachen for 48 hours and spent plenty of time visiting the factory to learn of the technology that goes into the production of the cosmetics. One of the most fascinating aspects of the trips was to see how the tiny ampoules of fluid that make the BABOR range so unique were manufactured.

All the team attended the BABOR Institute for one day where sessions covered included the science behind BABOR, the sustainability of the products and a closing session on sales. Meeting one of the scientists who helps develop the products used was definitely a highlight for the team and many have gone back more confident in prescribing the long-term benefits of using BABOR as part of a daily skincare routine.

Amanda, Spa Manager at the Gainsborough, was really energised by the trip...

“Firstly, my passion for BABOR has been re-ignited! I have learnt lots of new ways that I can train my team with new & effective retail skills. The retail programme & wheel chart, that was given to us by BABOR has inspired me to book in a retail workshop. In November we are going to have a product workshop with the Therapists to make sure we know the main benefits/ingredients across our hero products.”

As well as the visit to the BABOR head office, there was also time for the team to experience a German spa and to tour around the baroque buildings that make Aachen so beautiful. Dave Courteen, MD of Mosaic, led the trip and said;

“With these trips it is so important that we maximise the benefits but also allow the team to enjoy the experience and come back re-energised. Most of the therapists and Spa Managers on the trip were there because they had won an award at our Spa Academy so this trip was both helping with their development but was also about celebrating success.

We had two themes that we were trying to focus our attention and learning on. We wanted to be more authentic in the way we deliver our treatments and we wanted to be inspired by what we saw. I think on both fronts, it was a successful trip.”

For Tracie Kearney, MD of BABOR’s UK Distributor, the trip was all about inspiring the Spa Managers.

“We love working with Mosaic and their teams are so enthusiastic. Having spent a lot of time in Aachen I knew that the girls would come away with so much more understanding of BABOR and how they can use it to promote growth in their spa business,” she explained.

Perhaps the whole trip is best summed up by Amy Prendergast, Spa Manager at Ufford Park who was on the trip as a result of winning an award at the Mosaic Spa Academy.

“I loved the sales class at the end, understanding the different, effective ways to close a sale was personally very beneficial. The resource pack that the BABOR Institute gave us is also very helpful, it will enable me to teach my girls what I’ve learnt and give them confidence in their own sales pitches.

After visiting BABOR, I am left feeling knowledgeable and positive about the whole BABOR range that we use at our spa. I am able to understand after seeing the products in manufacturing, that each step is vital in order to make the perfect product. This trip has given me a confidence boost and I’m so excited to share it with our clients.”

Published: 24 October 2017