Published: 23 March 2020

Working From Home Wellness

Are you working from home currently? Create a good environment for your productivity (and mental health) with our tips and tricks. While we might often associate self-care with indulgence (long baths, a big slice of cheesecake, a massage...) it really boils down to just putting your own health first. 

Set up a separate office space
Avoid any areas you use for relaxation like the bedroom or sofa - you'll find it much harder to be productive if you associate the area with watching TV or sleep! Keeping your work space separate also allows for you to ensure certain areas stay relaxing in your mind, which will help when it comes time to clock out. 

Set a schedule and stick to it
Don't worry - chocolate biscuit breaks at 10am are acceptable (we asked).

Get up every hour
Regular exercise features many benefits, including dealing with that midday funk.

Watch the posture
When working from a laptop (especially when sitting on the sofa) it is easy to bend our backs to lower ourselves to the screen. This is why we recommend creating a separate office space - try setting your work on a table with a good chair and solid chair back. This should help prevent shoulder and back damage.  

Take breaks in their entirety
Use this as a chance to cook yourself a real lunch! Have kids? Try involving them. Perhaps you could read together during your lunch break, do a quick exercise together while the kettle boils… if you're stuck for ideas, try asking them what they'd like to do during your breaks. 

Know when to clock out
If you work 9-5 and the clock has struck 5, leave those unread emails until the morning when your work day starts again. Once you start the "I'll just read this one..." the habit forms and the time begins to build up! 

Be forgiving with yourself
If you don't stick to the schedule one day, it's okay. Just try again tomorrow. Some days may be more distracting or frustrating then others - just as they can be in an office! If you find yourself struggling at certain times, try lifting yourself up and do a little exercise, or walk outside if you can. Removing yourself and allowing you that time to just breathe can really help. 

Published: 23 March 2020