Published: 24 July 2019

Wellbeing at Home

Our own wellbeing is something we so often push to the bottom of the priority list, but we can all achieve by making a few small changes or additions to our daily lives, it doesn’t have to take too much time or be expensive!

The definition of wellbeing is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy’ who doesn’t want that? In our modern busy lives it always seems that someone or something is more important to attend to than ourselves, whether it be the kids, elderly family, work or other pressing commitments. But what if not putting our life jacket on first before we help others actually means they aren’t getting the best version of us? Or you are not living life to its pleasurable fullest?

Taking some time out for you is not selfish and things like spa days, lunch with a friend, getting your hair done or going to the gym are great ways to fill that positive wellbeing bucket!


But if like many of us you are pushed for time then here are a few suggestion for improving your wellbeing at home on the regular:

Reading a good book

Soak in the bath (even better if with magnesium salts for an extra pick me up!)


Lighting relaxing candles

15 minute brisk walk

Home footspa

Deep breathing (great in times of stress!)

Cooking some nutritious food

Time out in nature

Call a friend

Digital detox from all screens and gadgets

Focus on the positive


There are plenty of ways you can support your own wellbeing which will have a positive ripple effect throughout the whole family... what will you choose?

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With love, Laura x

Laura Butler, Lifestyle Intervention Consultant, Health & Habit Change Coach to busy women. Founder of the welLBe Transformation Systems’ and my website


Published: 24 July 2019