Published: 12 March 2020

Ways to reuse your mascara wand


It’s extremely easy in our modern world to simply throw something away and buy another one. But before you throw away your old mascara, have a read through the many ways in which you could repurpose it – it might be far more useful than you could ever think!

Prior to using your mascara wand for anything other than its original purpose, make sure you thoroughly clean the wand (and bottle, if the repurpose requires that). Start by using a tissue to wipe off as much formula as possible, then soak in hot water and sanitising soap for around 5 minutes. After a good soak, use a cotton swab or tissue to check for any remainder formula.

Separate your eyelashes

Have a favourite mascara brush? Clean it after use to help you brush your eyelashes. You can even try reusing it with another type of mascara formula, or use to help break up any clumpy mascara.

Combat flying hairs

Use a clean mascara brush to tame little bits of fizz! Spray with hairspray and brush down into place. This is best done with a larger mascara brush and works more effectively than using a paddle brush!

Eyebrow brush

Save money on buying more products by using an old mascara brush to help you groom your brows. Simply style into place, with a little Vaseline if your brows need some structure. If you like to add colour, use a pomade. The cleaned mascara wand would save you the temptation of buying a branded brow brush.   


One of the more unusual suggestions we’ve heard is to thoroughly clean the mascara bottle to reuse for perfume that fits in your purse! You can use the brush to dab or lightly brush the perfume on your wrists and neck.

Exfoliate your lips

This way of repurposing seems to be far more common than you would think! Use the brush with a little coconut oil and sugar mix, a little Vaseline or simply by itself. The perks of using an old mascara brush is that it is much softer than a toothbrush, which can be rather rough and abrasive!

Clean fingernails

The size of a mascara brush makes it great for cleaning your nails.

Cleaning brush

Perfect for those small hard-to-reach spots or smaller spaces, like inside or around taps, corners or tricky pots and pans.   

Donate… for wildlife uses!

Possibly the cutest reason for recycling your old mascara wands, Wands for Wildlife uses old mascara wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals! Interested in finding out more? Head to:

Published: 12 March 2020