Published: 06 June 2016

This Girl Just Did


When Apple was preparing to launch its first store, staff were asked what their best customer service experience had been.

The Ritz-Carlton was a standout and so Apple enrolled its staff in one of the high-end hotel group’s leadership programmes.

One of the outcomes was what service guru Micah Soloman calls ‘anticipatory customer service’, the definition of which is:

“[Service] that fulfils even the unexpressed wishes of our guests.” Ritz-Carlton.

An interesting concept for health and fitness operators who believe in Kaizen, don’t you think?


Wonder why ‘This Girl Can’ has succeeded where so many centrally-led initiatives have failed?

We all know that Fitspo images don’t work, so the use of real women in real situations is a good start but, in and of itself, that isn’t enough.

As you are no doubt aware, there are around 2 million less women who are physically active than men. One of the primary reasons is for this is fear of being judged.

What ‘This Girl Can’ has done is address that fear head on and, in so doing, engaged women at a deep emotional level.

The lessons for the fitness industry are blindingly obvious.

Published: 06 June 2016