Published: 13 March 2022

The correct order to apply skin care products

If you're new to skincare, you may not know the correct order each product goes in. Take the stress out of guessing, as our guide will show you how to layer your new skincare routine!

Why does layering your skin care products the right way matter?

By ordering your skincare products correctly, you can get the maximum benefit from each one. For instance, if you were to apply something thick (like an oil) first, it’ll sit on the surface of the skin, and any products after would struggle to be absorbed. Layering your products correctly ensures the maximum absorption of each active ingredient!

What is the correct order?

While we're not insisting you own every product, here is the full routine for those who prefer to have a longer routine, or use more products. 

  • Cleanser
  • Toner (Optional) 
  • Serum 1 (Recommended
  • Serum 2 (Optional) 
  • Moisturiser (to seal in any serums)
  • Sunscreen (Morning only)

Should the order of my skin care products differ in the morning versus at night?

Think of it this way: your morning routine is for skin protection, and your night routine is for skin renewal. Antioxidant serums, like vitamin C serums, are best applied in the morning because they help protect against sun damage, similar to suncream. Retinoids on the other hand are best applied at night, since they can break down with sun exposure.

How long is it recommended you wait between applying each product?

Where possible, it's best to give each product a little time to absorb before applying the next one. This is especially true when it comes to moisturiser and sunscreen, applying both too close together may lessen the effects of them. We recommend brushing your teeth, fixing your hair or simply leaving 5-10 minutes between these two where possible.

Is it possible to use too many products? 

This really depends on skin type. If you notice your skin is red, flaky or otherwise irritated, you may be using too many products, or products with conflicting active ingredients. We recommend checking the package each product comes with for any warnings. For instance, Retinol and exfoliants should not be used together as they can be quite harsh on the skin when combined. 

Avoid applying too much of one product too. Some active ingredients can be quite harsh on certain skin types, so more is certainly not merrier. You may also be wasting your money too - which nobody wants to happen!

Please be sure to check for any warnings on your products before using, it is important to monitor in case you have any reactions. If you do react, please try sticking the basics for a while (water and moisturiser) and seeing your GP for medical advice. 

Published: 13 March 2022