Published: 13 April 2021

The Best Beauty Tools of 2021

If you’re a fan of skincare or into anything anti-aging, you’ve probably come across quite a few interesting devices recently. While beauty tools (especially those which are high-tech) once upon a time were limited to a dermatologist’s office, many are now easily accessible and rather affordable. Here’s a list of our favourites, how to use them and where you can buy them:

Rose Quartz/Jade Roller

The 411: Rose Quartz and Jade Rollers originated during the 7th Century in Ancient China – so you could say they’ve stood the test of time! These rollers are wonderfully cooling, rather relaxing and easy to use. Great for helping inflammation or puffiness, the best time to reach for one of these is in the morning!

Benefits: Cooling, depuffing, help with lymphatic drainage.

How to use: Best used with oil, start by massaging your favourite facial oil onto the skin, before picking up your roller. Start from your nose, then roll to the outer sections of your face. Use along jaw line, brow line, forehead and cheeks to de-puff and relax.

Cost: rollers start from around £15, and can be purchased here and here.

Cleansing Tool

The 411: Cleansing tools can be some of the most interesting tools to look at! They vibrate super-fast to help decongest your pores and leave your skin squeaky clean. Many have a second side which can help you massage the skin.

Benefits: Removes 99.5% of dirt, make-up, impurities and excess oil, penetrates skincare products deeper into the skin, massages.

How to use: Pop a little cleanser direct onto the cleansing tool, then massage onto a wet face. Massage for at least 1 minute, then wash off as normal. If the tool has two sides, turn the device to massage skin.

Cost: Temple Spa sells a cleasing brush for £50 which can be bought online here or in our spas. Or, for the top-end of the range, you can buy the Foreo Luna 3, for £169.

Derma Roller

The 411: If you’re seen a close-up photo of a derma roller, we understand if you’re left a little scared! A derma-roller is full of tiny needles that make tiny little punctures in the skin, which is thought to help promote new skin cell regeneration, as well as encouraging collagen production.

Benefits: Helps products penetrate deeper into the skin, forces skin to produce more collagen, can help with acne scars and fine lines.

How to use: Use serum on the skin, then gently run the derma roller across in different directions. Use up to three times a week.

Cost: You can buy derma-rollers from £14.25 here.

Gua Sha

The 411: Remarkably like the Rose Quartz or Jade roller, a Gua Sha is designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage. Instead of rolling along the skin though, it “scrapes” the skin. A flat stone with some unique curves, it’s interesting shape helps you massage all the contours of the your face. Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, ‘Gua’ means scrape, and ‘Sha’ means sand.

Benefits: Promotes tissue drainage, boosts blood circulation, and relieves muscle tension.

How to use: Apply facial oil to skin, then “scrape” along cheek bones, jaw line, gently around brow bone and up forehead. Clean after use.

Cost: From £10 to £52… there’s quite a few options out there!

Body Brush

The 411: a brush for the body, this helps keep skin and body in tip top condition. This simple but effective tool is not suitable for sensitive or broken skin and should not be used on the neck and face. 

Benefits: Smooths and revives skin tone, boosts circulation.

How to use:  Before you shower or bathe, start brushing at the feet and work your way up the legs. Then brush along your hands and up the arms, over shoulders, back and body. Use gentle, sweeping movements towards the heart. Follow this routine daily or every 3-5 days for 5 minutes a day to invigorate and energise.

Cost: £18 from Temple Spa, which can be purchased in our spas or online here.

Please note, most of these links are not affiliated or sponsored – we’ve just researched various places you can buy them. Temple Spa is a product house we sell and use in our spas so we have better experience with their products. 




Published: 13 April 2021