Published: 23 January 2020

Temple Spa Mask Guide

Temple Spa offer an incredible range of multi-tasking, hard-working face masks. Their formulas are developed by the most gifted product creators and use the empirical knowledge of derma science doctors, professional therapists and artisan herbalists. Which such choice, it is hard to choose which one to try! We’ve created a handy guide to help you find the best match for your skin, just like our therapists would do in spa.


Rejuvenating & hydrating mask

This little wonder gets its name from the mask’s ability to saturate the skin with moisture and goodness – just like a cool refreshing drink! This mask has a rich texture and will leave your skin plump, soft and radiant.

Best for: Dry, lacklustre skin. Normal skin in need of hydration boost.

Results: Skin feels nourished and fresh | brightens dull skin | brings skin back to life | radiant, rosy and plump skin | helps firm and tone | boosts skin’s immune system and helps soothes redness


Soothing mask

Delicate, stressed skin? Try using Becalm, which is a gentle mask that will work its magic to calm, soothe and love your skin. Temple Spa refer to it as their “hug in a jar”! Becalm delivers a boost of vitamins to the skin, leaving you will a plump, healthy glow.

Best for: Sensitive, delicate skin. Skin that is red or flushes easily. Mature skin.

Results: Skin feels nourished and fresh | brightens dull skin | brings skin back to life | radiant, rosy and plump skin | helps firm and tone | boosts skin’s immune system and helps soothes redness


The Power Breakfast
Nutritious exfoliation & mask in one

This mask is so good, we have a facial named after it. It’s true! This little powerful mask will brighten, decongest and smooth even the dullest of complexions. You can use either as a quick exfoliation or leave on for 20 minutes to claim the full benefits.

Best for: All skin types, but especially combination skin that needs balancing.

Results: Gently dissolves dead skin cells to polish skin | softens and brightens | decongests, purifies & tones | encourages cell renewal | balances combination skin


Deep cleansing mask

If you’re currently battling a breakout, then this is the mask for you. With rich marine mud, this mask works like a vacuum cleaner on your pores. It’s an ideal mask for anyone with acne or hormonal skin.

Best for: Oily, congested skin. Acne. Teenage skin. Normal skin with blemishes.

Results: Effective anti-blemish treatment | flushes out grime from blocked pores | helps control excess sebum | leaves skin feeling cool & refreshed | clean & oil free | detoxifies skin with anti-ageing benefits | decongests for skin clarity


Ultra hydration & radiance mask

If you like a little luxury, you’ll love Temple Spa’s award-winning truffle range. This gorgeous gold face mask is power-packed with incredible ingredients that with leave the skin plumper, lifted, super hydrated and radiant.

Best for: Dry, lacklustre skin. Mature skin. All skin types in want of a dewy complexion.

Results: Instant radiance | firms & plumps | revives & rejuvenates tired skin | reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles | instant hydration 


The Contourist
Skin firming & brightening mask

The best face mask sheet you could ever try! Specially designed to fit around your face, it leaves skin visibly lifted, firmer and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The Contourist’s formula is what makes this extra special: anti-ageing Mediterranean extracts of pomegranate, red clover, liquorice and vitamin C; SculptessenceTM  will lift and hydrate the skin from within!

Best for: All skin types including sensitive. Great for an at-home facial before a special event!

Results: Instant brightening & lifting | soft focus wrinkle ‘filler’ that nourishes and regenerates | helps sculpt & define facial contours | conditioning & plumping

Published: 23 January 2020