Published: 08 July 2021


Whether you have booked a spa expierence already, are considering buying a spa treat, or just curious to know more; we’ve written this FAQ to answer all the questions you may have.

What time should I arrive?
When booking your spa day, your therapist should tell you when to arrive. It’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment as you’ll need to fill out a consultation form, and we want for your treatment to start on time! Please note, late arrivals will likely result in shortened treatment time, but treatments will still be charged at full price.

What happens when I arrive?
Firstly, we’ll be sure to greet you! Once we’ve confirmed your booking, you will then be asked to fill out a consultation form, then we will either direct you to your treatment room or the changing rooms so you can find your locker and change into your robe. We will also show you around, so you know where everything is and feel at ease. After that we will let you enjoy using the facilities until it is time for your treatments

What happens if I arrive late?
We will always try to accommodate you, but there may be a risk that your treatment is cut short due to other guests waiting for their treatments. It is always best to call us as soon as you’re aware you’ll be late, so we can see what we can do! Please note, if you are late and your treatment time has to be cut short, the treatment will still be charged at full price, so please try to get here on time! 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my spa booking?
Please call us immediately so we can rearrange quickly. Generally, we can reschedule or refund a cancellation, but we do have a cancellation policy, meaning we will not refund any cancellations made 24-hours or 48-hours before your booking. Our cancellation policies differ at each spa, so please check when booking.

What should I wear?
For a spa day or package, you’ll be given robes and slippers for the day, so it doesn’t matter how you arrive. Be sure to pack a swimsuit – preferably a bikini – for your treatments, as most treatments require you only wear your knickers / pants / bottoms / briefs. You’ll also need your swimsuit if the site has a swimming pool or thermal facilities.

What should I bring?
Please bring with you your booking confirmation, any vouchers, a swim costume, and money for any drinks / food / additional treatments you may decide to add on. Anything else if up to you – bring what you feel you may need. Generally speaking, we offer hair dryers in our changing rooms, but this varies at each site. We strongly recommend that you leave all valuables and jewellery at home. Paper underwear can be provided for treatments if you so wish. Please note, some of our spas require a £1 coin or trolley token to operate the lockers.

Is the robe, towel, and slippers/flip-flops for keeping?
Any robes or towels are for hire during the day and must be returned at the end of your visit. You can usually find a place to return in the changing rooms, or you will be asked to keep the robe in your locker once finished. Flip flops and slippers you can keep. If you like our robes – please ask at reception! Some sites do sell their robes.

When do I choose my treatment?
If you’re booked on for an experience package, you will be asked to choose which treatment you would like when you arrive. Otherwise, you will have likely booked a specific treatment or package with pre-chosen treatments. 

I’ve bought a spa day package – can I change my treatments?
If your package comes with pre-appointed treatments, we apologise but we cannot change these. We can however look at adding on additional treatments, if there is a specific treatment you’d like to try. Some of our packages even offer a discount when you add on more treatments! Call us as soon as you can to guarantee the space. If you leave this request until the day, we may be unable to add any on as the spa is too busy.

I see the spa I want to visit has a gym – can I use this?
A lot of our spas offer use of gym facilities in addition to spa facilities, but please ask this when booking as each site differs.

Can I add food or an afternoon tea to my booking/ spa package?
Most of our sites have food options, so please ask when booking if you are interested in this. Any allergies need to be specified ahead of your visit, so we can cater to them where possible, or inform you in advance if we cannot.

Can I use my mobile phone?
We recommend you avoid using phones, camera or pagers on your spa day, as we really want you to relax and escape from any outside stresses. It's also considerate for other guests too, who may want an environment of tranquillity and relaxation, not phone notifications! 

Why do you recommend we drink water after treatments?
We recommend you drink plenty of water between each treatment, and throughout the day, to keep your body hydrated. The heat from thermal suites can dehydrate you quickly. We also advise this after an intense massage, as water can reduce soreness afterwards and prevent headaches.

I’m pregnant, how many weeks along do I have to be to get a pregnancy massage?
We offer a specially designed massage treatment for expectant and nursing mothers. Some of our treatments however are not suitable for you during this special time, so please allow the spa team to guide you in selecting which treatments are most suitable for you. Unfortunately, we do not offer any spa treatments during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Please note, it is not recommended you use our thermal facilities while pregnant. 

Is it okay to arrive wearing make-up?
Yes, you can arrive wearing make-up as we can remove it before any facials. It is generally advised you come make-up free though, especially if using a pool or thermal facilities. If you do have a facial or eye treatment, we advise not re-applying before leaving – so you can allow the treatment some extra time to do its work!  

Can I book a hen party at the spa?
Yes, we can accommodate parities at all our spas. Please read our guide for hen parties post here, or call up the spa direct to find out more details about what they can offer.

I've been gifted a voucher - how do I redeem it?
Please call our spa reception and quote your voucher number. They'd be happy to answer any voucher-specific questions you may have and help get you booked in. 

Is there an age requirement for spa use?
Children under the age of 16 years are not allowed in the Spa. All under 18s must be must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

Published: 08 July 2021