Published: 02 September 2020

Skincare 101: Using Serums

There are so many different skincare products out there that it can very easily get confusing. Welcome to our new Skincare 101 blog series, where we hope to answer all questions you may have about skincare. This week, we’ll be looking at the magical product known as a “serum”. Read more to find out what exactly a serum is, which serum is best for your skin and how you can use it.

What is a serum?

Serums are highly concentrated, lightweight, often water-based products that are designed to address a variety of skincare issues. They are made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into your skin to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. They are mostly used to combat target problems, such as signs of aging, any hydration issues, blemishes or scarring on the skin.

How would I use a serum?

After cleansing if you use a toner you should apply the toner then the serum. If you are not a fan of toners, go straight to applying serum on the skin, before applying a moisturiser and then SPF if daytime. 

You can use most serums in both your day and night-time skincare routines, but it is always best to check the label. As serums are very concentrated, you only need a small amount. Use a pea-sized amount and massage onto skin, covering all areas of the face. Allow the serum a moment to sink in before applying your moisturiser.

Please note, with serums that contain retinol (Vitamin A), these can make the skin overly sensitive to the sun, so be extra cautious and make sure to apply SPF throughout the day.

How do serums differ to other skincare products, like moisturiser or facial oil?

While serums can have moisturising properties, they are more of a “treatment” for the skin than a moisturiser. You use a serum to address a targeted problem, e.g treating dehydration then use a moisturiser for the purpose of moisturising the skin, e.g making it plumper and smoother. Moisturisers have a thicker consistency than a serum and it is always best to use both together. Think of it as this: the serum treats your skin concerns and then the moisturiser acts as a protective coat, sealing all the good stuff in!

What’s the difference between a serum and an “essence”?

If you’re into your skincare, you may have come across products known as essence. They are used similarly to a serum, in that they help target problem areas. They tend to be less concentrated than serums though and waterier. All in all, it seems to be a difference of marketing. Essences are much more popular in Korean skincare where it is common to follow up to 7 steps!

What is the best serum for me to use?

Choosing the serum that is best for your skin means looking at the problems you wish to address.

Do you have sensitive skin? Then we recommend Temple Spa’s BE STRONG. We call it a super-juice for the skin and it is a vitamin rich cocktail that will soothe, de-sensitize and restore strength.

Do you wish to battle signs of aging? Then we recommend that Temple Spa’s BE FIRM is for you. Designed to accelerate cell renewal and boost collagen production, this will be your non-surgical saviour.

Do you suffer from hyper-pigmentation or blemishes? Then we recommend BE CLEAR as a great tonic that will help correct and brighten the skin.

Do you wish for firm & plump the skin while bringing radiance back? Then we recommend the TRUFFLELIXIR, an Anti-Ageing Retinol Serum.

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Published: 02 September 2020