Published: 19 August 2019


Five years ago, the term ‘manscaping’ was fresh on the lips of every metrosexual.  It’s made its mark on the male grooming industry and into the bathrooms and beauty regimes of our significant others.  Whilst many men may have been giving their chest hair a quick trim with the razor in their morning shower, the trend has extended downwards to the most intimate areas.

It is no longer a routine solely practiced in the world of porn and it’s not only about shaving the hair in your nether regions.  It’s about the maintenance of all your body hair; armpits, chest, back, beard, just about anywhere that hair grows you can choose to trim it, sculpt it, cut it, spruce it up, shave it, create some edges and define the borders.   Manscaping will make you feel cleaner and lighter, and it’s likely that your partner will also appreciate you trimming, clipping and generally tidying up your more intimate regions.

Do it yourself

Having the right tools for the job is paramount. 

Invest in a good quality electric trimmer.  Use this to cut the hair to a shorter length and give a neat, well-groomed look.  If you are removing all the hair, start by trimming hair so that it is a more shave-able length, then hop in the shower and lightly exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells and lift the hair, a warm shower will also open pores and soften the hair so you’ll achieve a closer shave.  Be sure not to skimp on razor quality either, and use fresh blades and always shave with the grain.  Once finished, towel off and apply a post-shave lotion for calming the skin and reducing unwanted ingrown hair and razor burn.

Down below

Ok, so you might want to leave this sensitive area as nature intended but at the very least, neatening the boundary and trimming the bush, as it were, is within every man’s capabilities and a trimmer is perfectly sufficient for the purpose.

A more personal shave requires time and a certain amount of dexterity.  Use a trimmer or a razor, whichever you prefer.  With practice you will develop your own technique and what works best for you.  I wouldn’t recommend trying this for the first time right before a big date, practice makes perfect, as they say.

Here are some points to remember:

Spend some time in a hot shower first.  Let your skin warm up, soften, and become more pliant.  Under no circumstances do you want dry or just barely wet.
Apply a good quality, rich shaving cream.  With small strokes, begin removing the hair, always washing the blade every two to three strokes.
Once out of the shower, dry your skin and apply a soothing, milky post-shave soothing lotion.

When to call in the professionals

One of the most popular waxing services for male clients is back waxing, as this is an area that is impossible to do yourself. And whilst it isn’t impossible to wax your own face you’ll get a much better result by a professional on brows, nasal and 

Published: 19 August 2019