Published: 24 February 2020

Lifestyle Changes for a New You

The key to successfully making changes is to be realistic, right from the get go, on what you are going to be able to achieve.  You are far more likely to succeed by making small changes, if you make your targets too large you might get discouraged and give up altogether.  Remember, it’s not going to happen overnight, or it might not even happen in a few months or a year.  So, start small and focus on one goal at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. These small goals are easier to achieve, see them as steps along the path to your final destination.


Simple steps to success

Identify what it is you want to change… lose weight, get fit, give up smoking, whatever it is, the same rules apply.  Take a before photo, when you reach your goal you can look back and say ‘was that really me?’

Hold yourself accountable for making those changes.

Don’t blame others or a lack of time for not being able to change your bad habits. Make a promise to yourself.

Eliminate the negative.

Social media can be demoralising and can make you feel bad about yourself, if so, delete the app.If your quitting cigarettes, if drinking alcohol makes you crave one, take a break from alcohol. You probably already know what triggers your bad habits; find a way to avoid those triggers.

Believe that you can change.

This is so important; half the battle in finding success is telling yourself you can do it! Visualize yourself at the end; ignore your negative self-talk, think ‘I can do this.’

Know that it will take time and you might have setbacks.

Changing isn’t easy and there might be days where you fail. Instead of letting that failures consume you, move on, you will succeed.

Setting goals and having a plan of action in place will allow you to manage and track your progress and give you a focus.  You will also be able to see how much you have accomplished along the journey towards your target.  The easiest way to do this is to keep a journal or use a tracker on your phone.  When those goals just become part of your weekly routine add a new small one; start a new exercise class or cut something from your diet, such as sugar or coffee, for example.


It’s important to rewards yourself with when you pass a target, a little treat, be that a latte, a glass of wine, or a new pair of shoes, you deserve it after all!

Published: 24 February 2020