Published: 05 December 2023

Elevate Your Gift-Giving: Creative Ways to Spruce Up Gift Vouchers!


Gift vouchers have long been a thoughtful and versatile way to show someone you care... and the perfect way to gift someone their dream spa experience! While there are many perks to gifting someone a thoughtful gift voucher, we do understand that sometimes presenting a gift voucher can feel like it lacks the same touch of a traditionally wrapped gift. Fear not, though, as there are numerous creative ways to spruce up gift voucher presents and make them just as memorable and exciting as any other gift!

Embrace the theme
Consider a thematic approach that aligns with the gift voucher. For example, if the voucher is for a bookstore, wrap it in literary-themed paper or include a small bookmark. Gifting a spa gift voucher? Why not wrap in soothing colours like pastel blues or white, and include a face sheet mask or miniature scented candle? Little thematic touches like these help add a personal element to the voucher or expierence, but also demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

DIY Gift Card Holders
Elevate your gift voucher by crafting a custom gift card holder to add a handmade touch to your gift. Use materials like colourful cardstock, bright washi tape, or even repurpose an old greeting card to create a unique holder at a budget-friendly price. There are plenty of easy, free online tutorials on YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram that will guide you through creating a DIY masterpiece that reflects your gift (and shows off your creativity!). Plus, you may be surprised how fun you find this!

Create a Gift Basket
For those with budget left over, consider embellishing your gift voucher with small, related items to create a thematic gift basket or hamper. For instance, if the voucher is for a spa day, you could include scented candles, bath salts, and a soft towel. This turns the gift voucher into a complete experience, and adds an extra layer of excitement from the moment receive the gift until the day they can use the voucher! 

Scavenger Hunt Surprise
Feeling bold? For a more interactive gifting experience, why not set up a scavenger hunt leading to the ultimate gift – your thoughtful voucher! Create clues or riddles related to the voucher, and guide them through various locations before unveiling the gift voucher at the final destination. They certainly won't forget that!

Beautifully Package
Invest in stylish packaging to enhance the overall presentation of your gift voucher. Use elegant gift bags, decorative boxes, or even reusable containers that align with the recipient's taste. The packaging itself then becomes a part of the gift, elevating the entire gifting experience, and turning your voucher into an exciting bundle! 

Incorporate a Personalised Note
Lastly, though it may sound very simple, adding a heartfelt message to your voucher can turn a printed gift voucher into a cherished keepsake. Write a personalised note expressing your feelings, the thought behind the gift or share a fond memory. The note not only adds a personal touch but also shows the recipient that you put thought and care into the gift.

If you are considering gifting one of our spa vouchers to a loved one, you can find a list of our spas here. Once you are on the spa's website, simply head to our "Gift vouchers" page to see the range available. 

Published: 05 December 2023