Published: 01 December 2020

Easy Healthy Food Swaps

If 2021 feels more inspirational than any other year before, we understand. 2020 hasn’t exactly been the most exciting… but instead of posting another “new year, new you!” type of blog post, we wanted to focus on something a little more manageable: healthy food swaps!

Healthy food swaps should be an easy way of getting more nutrition out of your food. It might seem easier to reach for a packet of crisps or chocolate bar, but once you’re aware of your alternatives, it’s much simpler to provide yourself with healthy options.



Pasta is not a bad food in itself – carbohydrates, fibre and protein are essential after all! It’s rather easy however to rely on using pasta a lot, when you could in fact…
Swap for: Rice, potatoes, cous cous or quinoa.


An easy and cheap snack to go for, we do understand they are perfect for on-the-go. However, they come with a high fat content and often large amounts of salt.
Swap for: carrot sticks and hummus, boiled eggs, apple and peanut butter, homemade popcorn.


Cereal may be easy, quick and (we know, we know) delicious, but it is often sugar-coated and not the most filling.
Swap for: omelette, oats, natural yogurt and fruit.


Fizzy drinks contain a high amount of sugar.
Swap for: fruit juice with soda or soda water and cordial.


Sugar, caffeine and fats – a little chocolate bar is hiding more unhealthy stuff than you may know!
Swap far: homemade oat bars, rice cakes with sugar-free spread, fruit.


So greasy but GOOD! Right? Unfortunately, chips have a high fat content and encourage us to use more salt than needed.
Swap for: baked sweet potato fries, roasted chickpeas, courgette fries.


If you use vegetable, sunflower, or generic cooking oil, you may be unaware how cheaply made these are with little nutritional benefit. Other oils carry more omegas and healthy fats.
Swap for: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil.


We’ve put this one last because pizza is just so delicious. It’s one of OUR favourite foods of all time too. We’re not suggesting you never eat it again, but there are some alternatives for relying on an easy oven pizza a little less.
Swap for: chicken salad food wraps, pepper and bean fajitas, jacket potato and baked beans.   

Published: 01 December 2020