Published: 03 September 2023

Beating the Seasonal Blues

As the crisp breeze of autumn arrives, it brings the beauty of changing leaves, warm lattes and cosy moments by the fire. However, the shift in seasons can also effect our mood and well-being, due to shorter days and reduced sunlight. In these times, self-care is not a luxury but a necessity! Prioritising your well-being can significantly impact how you navigate this season's challenges and joys...

Cosy Rituals for Comfort
Embrace the magic of autumn by indulging in cosy rituals. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea, wrap yourself in a soft blanket, or light a candle to create a soothing ambience that nurtures your soul! Many animals in nature use the colder weather as a time to hibernate - see this weather as a chance to reset yourself, and enjoy a chance to relax after a productive summer.

Staying Active
It might sound obvious to say, but we can often feel less motivated in the darker, and colder weather. Instead, try to combat the effects of reduced sunlight by staying physically active. Enjoy brisk walks in nature, hiking among colourful trees, or embrace the gentle flow of yoga to boost your mood and energy. If you really can't bring yourself to leave your cosy house and battle the weather, try using YouTube and exercising at home. 

Mindfulness and Meditation
Meditation has some excellent benefits all year round but can be particularly helpful in the darker months. Practice mindfulness walks, deep-breathing exercises, and meditation sessions inspired by the changing season. Cultivate awareness of the present moment and find solace in the beauty of transformation.

Engage in Creative Outlets
Use the opportunity of autumn's golden colour palette to unleash your creativity through activities like painting, crafting, or playing an instrument! Creative expression also provides an outlet for our emotions and encourages mindfulness.

Start a gratitude journal to shift your focus from what's missing from summer to what you're thankful for in autumn. Reflective journaling can not only help us process emotions but can also work to promote a positive mindset!

Make Plans
When there are longer days and a strong chance of sunshine, we feel more open to adventures. Though the weather may be less promising and the days shorter, there are still plenty of day trips and events you can join! Be sure to continue making plans, so you know there are upcoming things to look forward to. 

Published: 03 September 2023