Published: 23 January 2020

2020 Emerging Beauty Trends

Brow Lamination

Predicted to be bigger than microblading, brow lamination treatments emerged towards the end of last year and have hit the ground running.  But do we really need another brow treatment? I’m not convinced.

Working in a similar way to a hair perm, or a lash lift, lamination is being described as like a keratin treatment for your brows – hairs are straightened using a chemical solution and then set in place facing an upwards direction to give clients that “just combed” look. Plus, it has no downtime and minimal aftercare. Really?  I can’t see the point of this myself, it’s yet another treatment that will give an artificial result, personally I don’t want my brow hairs shooting straight up, I like them laying in their natural direction, slightly curling outwards.  But, I’m sure there will be plenty of clients queuing at the salon door for this latest ‘must have’ treatment.  

If you’re after this effect, it’s far cheaper and quicker to try one of this hacks;

1. Just spray a little hairspray on an old mascara wand and stroke through your brow in the direction you’d like the hair to lay.

2. Use clear mascara the same way, to style the brow.

3. Use a clear soap bar, water and a wand. Lather up a little foam using the wand and then stroke through the brow, as it dries the hair will set in place, job done!

Lip Lifts

A lip lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the top lip to give a more youthful and relaxed smile.  It is a great alternative to pumping the lips full of filler or having implant and gives a pleasing, more natural result.  

The treatment is performed under a local anesthetic.  A small amount of skin and tissue are removed from the upper lip, just below the nose, pulling the top lip up.  Scarring should be minimal as the incision is hidden in the curvature of the lower part of the nose. The procedure takes about an hour; most clients are able to go home 30 minutes after treatment.  There is likely be some swelling post-surgery and the stitches will need to be removed 7 days after surgery. Full effects are generally visible within a few months, and should last for several years. 

If you’re unhappy with your lip shape I would advocate this treatment over fillers injected to the lips.  Do your research and if you decide to go ahead, visit a practitioner that is experienced in this procedure and if possible see testimonials from other clients.

Published: 23 January 2020