Published: 27 January 2020

10 uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has long been a cult-product for natural beauty lovers. It’s easy to see why though! With its moisturising and anti-aging properties (thank you Vitamin E and Vitamin A), “healthy” fats and ability to last around six months at 24 °C without spoiling, it’s truly a wonder product.

Here’s 10 ways you could add Coconut Oil to your beauty routine:

1. Moisturizer

Coconut oil works as a wonderful moisturizer post-shower. Apply to legs, arms and feet as you would with any lotion, but allow a little longer for it to sink in. While some skin types can use for face, it’s recommended oily skin or acne skin types avoid.

2. Hair Mask

Coconut oil has long been used for it’s amazing benefits for hair. It’s believed this is due to the unique structure of lauric acid that coconut oil has. Reap these benefits by melting the coconut oil and adding some honey or apple cider vinegar. Apply to hair and wait 20 minutes before washing as usual.

You can also apply the coconut oil it to the ends of your hair after showering as a detangler or daily moisturizer.

3. Massage Oil

Coconut oil makes a great and inexpensive massage oil, packed with moisturising properties. We recommend melting before use for easier use! To enhance your relaxing massage experience, add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil.

4. Bath Oil

Add some coconut oil to your bath for heavenly soft skin. Add some Epsom salts or essential oils for added benefits (or lush smells!). Be careful with how much oil you add – you don’t want your bath to be too slippery!

5. Remove Make-up

Believe it or not, coconut oil can help you remove make-up, even eye make-up! Simply apply onto a cotton pad and wipe away traces of makeup. Please note, this is not recommended for those with sensitive eyes or skin.

6. Make-up brush cleaner

Mix with some anti-bacterial soap to make one effective make-up brush cleaner! Cover brushes then dip them in lukewarm water and leave to dry.

7. Lip Balm

If you don’t mind the taste, coconut oil can be used as a lip balm at it’s at-room temperature. Goodbye dry lips, hello tropical smell!

8. Body Scrub

Another moisturising use of coconut oil is to melt some of the oil and combine with sugar for a fabulous and softening exfoliation. Apply in circle motions to skin.

9. Cuticle Oil

Apply some coconut oil to the base of your nails for stronger cuticles and a longer-lasting manicure. Best applied before sleep so it can work its magic overnight.

10. Shaving Cream

Try using some coconut oil for a smooth and calm shave. Warm in hand or melt in microwave before and apply to skin, then shave as normal.

Published: 27 January 2020