Published: 17 August 2022

10 Simple Beauty Tips You Need To Try

1. Ditch the make up sponge

Try a foundation brush instead of a sponge - not only does a sponge soak up more product than it puts onto your face, the sponge is far harder to clean and you need to buy multiple. With a foundation brush, it's one-off purchase that you can easily clean with a little soap and water before reusing. 

2. Depuff with a massage

De-puff your skin with a facial massage each morning, or to add a glow to your evening look. Simply use your hands or buy a face roller. Use a circular motion to rub circles around your face, massage along your cheekbones or press your fingers into the center of your brows, before gliding them up toward your hairline. Not only is this relaxing, but you'll notice an immediate effect! 

4. Multi-mask for best results

Customising your skincare routine can help get you the best results for your complexion, so try mutli-masking for better face mask results. This is where you target certain areas of your face with one face mask, then use another (and another if you wish) to target other areas. For instance, you may wish to use a congestion-targeting mask in your T zone, then a hydrating mask for your cheeks and neck. 

5. Apply dry shampoo before bed.

For best results with dry shampoo, don't wait until the morning to use it. Use the night before, allow it to set for 10 seconds then brush through your hair. Not only will your hair will look much fresher the next day, but you may need less product this way, meaning your bottle can stretch longer! 

6. Use lip liner for a longer-lasting lip.

To prolong the colour from your lipstick, use a lip liner to a similar shade to draw on the base of your lips first. Just make sure you sharpen the pencil first for precise application and even colour!

7. Remove any make-up smudges with a makeup brush.

While it might be tempting to try taking off a mascara or eyeshadow smudge with a finger as soon as you see it, it's actually easier to remove with a make-up brush. Firstly, allow the product to dry so when you wipe it doesn't smudge even further, then dip your brush in make-up remover or water to remove the smudge without impacting the rest of your make-up look. 

8. Wear SPF all year around

Don't be deceived by grey clouds or rainy days - for the best skin protection, you need to wear SPF all year around, as the sun doesn’t just cause sunburn - it can also be responsible for sunspots, wrinkles, and an uneven skin tone. Guard your skin against these by wearing SPF no matter the weather. 

9. Try putting face mask sheets in the fridger or freezer

For a cheaper, at-home cold therapy facial, try putting any face mask sheets you use in the fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes before use. The coldness will depuff the skin, reduce any redness and give you an instant glow! 

10. Spray hairspray onto tissue, not hair

If you've just done your hair and found some got fly-aways, spray some hairspray onto a tissue then wipe down the fly-aways. This will target the individual flyways without coating your whole head in headspray. 

Published: 17 August 2022